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Enterprises are increasingly asking for employability skills

In Australia we average 13.6 applicants for each skilled vacancy

But on average only 2.2 applicants per vacancy are considered to be suitable

Employers demand highly employable candidates

Connected to industry.

Listen to exclusive interviews with industry experts. We asked the important questions including how to get started:

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Employers want the skills that we develop

On consultation regarding employability skills employers said "It could help to make things visible that haven't been visible before." and "People are coming to us with credentials and ostensibly they have foundation skills, but we're not seeing it! We don't know if this is real or a perception." (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 2012)

Our education system is amongst the best in the world, but even it needs a helping hand in order to keep up with the ever evolving job readiness demands of our knowledge-based economy.

In the modern workforce, Job Readiness is the idea that everybody sells a professional brand, and that brand includes non-technical skills and competencies that play an essential part in an indivdual's successful participation in the workforce.
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What's inside?

A range of professionally crafted training and activities designed to assess and develop world class employability skills.

  • Over 150 interactive elearning modules
  • Easy feedback, communities and knowledge sharing
  • Industry interviews, subject matter experts and more
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Extra Features

Interactive multimedia elearning

Elearning modules each designed to meet key objective and develop competencies.

Industry connections

Experts and specialists reveal what they look for in a top job candidate.

Multimedia Responses

See yourself from the employer`s eyes. Then reflect, socialise and improve.

Simulated Interviews

Realistic interviews simulation for faster, repeatable and accelerated improvement.

Simulated Application Process

Master the art of fine-tuning your resume and cover letter specifically for a job.

We leave nothing to chance

Body language, interview attire, career coaches, recruitment specialists and educators all drop by with stunning results.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

World class results complemented with features that add flexibility and efficiencies for educator` time.

Simple to Grade Process

Powerful communication tools take the bite out of grading, reviews and feedback.

Private Social Features

A rich variety of feedback options with study groups, focus groups, class groups and even family groups.